Give families peace of mind with a CollegeBound 529 plan

A 529 college fund from Invesco can help your clients plan today for their children's future dreams.

why collegebound 529

CollegeBound 529 program features

Investors enjoy competitive fees through the inclusion of active and passive investment portfolios.

Blended investment options and strategies are designed to help maximize client returns.

The program is designed to accommodate every budget with a $0 minimum investment and a generous $520,000 per beneficiary limit.

Account owners can choose from a variety of portfolios designed around specific savings goals.


Age-Based Portfolios


Uniquely structured investment options are designed to align with a child's expected year of college enrollment. Learn more


Target Risk Portfolios


Portfolios feature active and passive investment options aligned to investors' savings timeframe and desired level of risk: conservative, moderate, growth and aggressive. Learn more


Individual Portfolios


Single-strategy investment options allow the account owner and beneficiary to customize their education savings strategy. Learn more


Help your clients make the smart savings choice

Show your clients how opening a CollegeBound 529 plan can turn their education dreams into a reality.
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