Small steps can make big dreams a reality

Never miss a chance to save with automatic contributions. 

An easy way to save

Automatic contributions are an essential part of achieving 529 plan goals. Their "set and forget" strategy helps you invest without the hassle of manual contributions. If you currently have an account, it's easy to start automatic contributions.

Consistency is key

Contribution frequency and small increases can make a big difference to your account growth. Instead of 12 monthly payments in a year, consider splitting the amount into bi-weekly contributions. Doing so allows you to contribute more over time. 

Use the graph below to see how increases can make a big difference.

Amount saved per month:
Amt/month ($) 5 years 10 years 18 years
25 1737.14 4061.84 9523.99
50 3474.29 8123.67 19047.97
75 5211.43 12185.51 28571.96
100 6948.58 16247.34 38095.94
125 8685.72 20309.18 47619.93
150 10422.87 24371.02 57143.91
175 12160.01 28432.85 66667.9
200 13897.16 32494.69 76191.88

Source: Invesco. Hypothetical examples and estimates of a 6% average annual total return are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to represent actual performance of any particular investment product or real investor. Your actual return isn't likely to be constant from year to year, and there is no guarantee that a specific rate of return will be achieved.

What is an AIP or PAC?

Automatic investment plans (AIP) or pre-authorized contributions (PAC) are regular contributions from your bank account to your investment account at set periods of time. 

Minimum contributions

There are no minimum contributions for your CollegeBound 529 account, and consistent contributions help make those big education dreams a future reality.

Contribution changes

Automatic contribution amounts are flexible and can change when you need them to – start at any amount and increase your contributions as your financial situation changes.

Checking your progress

Use our College Savings Calculator to see how much you may need for your child's future education. Using the tool as your child gets closer to graduation will also allow you to check your progress and adjust your contributions accordingly.