Age-based portfolios

Investment portfolio options

CollegeBound 529 offers the freedom to choose the investment options that best fit your clients' unique timelines and savings goals.

Age-Based portfolios

  • Choose portfolios designed to align with the child's expected year of college enrollment.
  • Asset allocations are managed to gradually become more conservative as the expected date of college enrollment nears.
  • Portfolios are adjusted quarterly to become more conservative and rebalanced monthly to help stay within appropriate risk levels.
  • Portfolios are offered in two-year increments to closely align the allocation to the optimal portfolio for the child's age.
  • Portfolios are designed to help outpace the rising costs of higher education.

Holdings are subject to change and are not buy/sell recommendations.

Allocations may not equal 100% due to rounding.

Asset allocation percentages apply to all unit classes of the respective portfolios. 

See the Program Description for more information about unit class availability.

Other portfolio types

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