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New Year: New Challenges and Opportunities

19 February 2014 | Global Liquidity


Amid a successful first launch of Floating Rate Notes and an extension of the reverse repo facility, the falling supply Treasury bills and another debt ceiling deadline could pose challenges for money market investors.


Back to the Future: The Reverse Repo Facility

22 January 2014 | Global Liquidity

While cutting the interest rate on excess reserves (IOER) is possible, we believe it's highly unlikely.


Benefits of Money Market Funds in a Low Interest Rate Environment

19 Feb 2014 | PDF

The role money market funds play in investors' portfolios.


Taper Time

15 January 2014 | Global Liquidity

Financial markets got their own present at year end courtesy of the Federal Reserve (the Fed) — tapering of the its $85 billion in asset purchases beginning in January 2014.


Tax Letter: US Government Obligations

16 Jan 2014 | PDF

This document is used to help identify federal interest earnings derived from government obligations to assist with state tax liability calculations.


Tax Letter: State/Territory Exempt Dividends

16 Jan 2014 | PDF

This document is used to help identify state tax liabilities for states that allow special treatment for earning derived from federal obligations.

Holiday Schedule

2014-2015 US Money Market Funds Holiday Schedule

15 Jan 2014 | PDF | Cash Landscape

Invesco's US Money Market Funds Holiday Schedule.


Central Banks Back in Focus

16 December 2013 | Global Liquidity

Markets are focusing their attentions again on monetary policy. We take a look at recent and possible future central bank policy shifts in Europe, Asia and the US.


The Debt Ceiling 2013: A Tale of Two Markets

19 November 2013 | Global Liquidity

In preparation for the possibility of breaching the debt ceiling, Invesco built up liquidity across our government portfolios. Throughout the period, we monitored events as they unfolded and adjusted our position accordingly.


Short-Term Market Update

16 September 2013 | Joe Madrid

Discussions regarding new short-term investment instruments suggest that investors might be in for some much needed reprieve from the grind of zero-bound yields.


Slow Growth in China

12 September 2013 | Joe Madrid

China’s economy is growing more slowly than many observers had expected.


Why So Low? Repo in the Driver's Seat

13 August 2013 | Global Liquidity

Despite volatility further out on the yield curve, money market yields have held steady, and low, driven by market technical that are pushing down the interest rates on repurchase agreements.


What Do Variable Rate Demand Notes Do for Your Money Market Fund?

29 May 2013 | PDF | Cash Viewpoint

The importance of VRDNs in money market portfolios.

Intentional Forum

Invesco Global Liquidity: A Long-Term Approach to Short-Term Investing

14 Oct 2013 | Video

Craig Bloodworth, Client Portfolio Manager for Global Liquidity describes what our long-term approach to short-term investing means to investors seeking quality liquidity management.

US Banks: Road to Recovery?

4 May 2013 | Video

Justo Gonzalez, Head of Global Liquidity Credit Research, discusses the fundamentals of the US banking sectors.

Credit Outlook for 2013

4 Apr 2013 | Video

Tony Wong, Head of Global Credit Research, discusses some of the top-down and bottom-up drivers we are looking at in 2013.

Invesco Fixed Income 2013 Outlook

18 Jan 2013 | HTML

CEO of Invesco Fixed Income, shares his thoughts on the fixed income market and the outlook for 2013 returns.

Regulatory Reform Resources

Between the Debt Ceiling and Reforms

12 Nov 2013 | PDF

Third quarter was eventful, beginning with concerns over monetary policy and threat of tapering by the Fed, to fiscal policy and the threat of breaching the debt ceiling.

The Road Ahead for Proposed Money Market Reforms

11 Oct 2013 | PDF

Sept. 17 Invesco submitted its comment letter to the SEC on the proposals for additional reforms to regulations governing US money market funds.

SEC Money Market Reform Comment Letter

18 Sept 2013 | PDF

Invesco submits comment letter to the SEC on proposed money market reforms.

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