Invesco Peak Retirement Funds

Unique hybrid approach: Blending active, passive, and factor-based investing

New glide path thinking: Recognizing the needs of younger and older participants to help advance the goals of all

Enhanced alternative exposure: Increasing diversification potential

Active volatility management: Designed to minimize risk in periods of high market volatility

Other DC assets includes Separately Managed Accounts and Sub-Advised.

Hear Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Duy Nguyen present our outlook for 2018 and thoughts on diversification.

Invesco Peak RetirementTM Fund Series at a glance

Investment team
Invesco Global Solutions Team
Total return over time, consistent with strategic target allocation
Hybrid (active, passive, factor-based strategies)
Underlying holdings
Mutual funds and exchanged traded funds
Glide path
Through retirement
Asset allocation
US equity, international equity, fixed income, cash and alternatives
Number of funds
12 funds in five-year increments
Learn how Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds can
help optimize your outcomes.

A proprietary combination of strategies
distinguishes the funds

Unique hybrid approach: To help optimize risk/return potential

With a uniquely engineered hybrid approach, Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds blend active, passive and factor-based investing strategies. Factors are characteristics of securities such as value and quality that can help enhance returns at different points in the glide path.

For illustrative purposes only.

New glide path thinking: To help advance the goals of all participants

In recognition of the varying needs of younger and older participants, the equity allocation in the glide path takes a thoughtful and balanced approach to risk and return. Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds seek to deliver the opportunities participants need to grow their portfolios early on, when there is ample time to accommodate more risk. We then adjust the underlying asset classes periodically to become more conservative as retirement nears.

We believe many target date strategies do not take enough risk early on, and to compensate, take too much risk late in the investor's life cycle.

Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds series equity allocation comparison

Source: Morningstar, 2017 Target-Date Fund Landscape, data as of 12/31/16.

Enhanced alternative exposure: To increase diversification potential

Invesco offers a robust suite of alternative strategies, and we've infused this expertise into our new target date series. This critical addition helps provide greater diversification relative to most glide paths. Alternatives may also provide lower correlations, offer additional protection during volatile markets and can help enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds are among just a few target date funds that include alternatives in the asset allocation mix.

Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds series over time

Invesco is a leading provider of alternative investments$172 billion
assets under

as of December 31, 2017

What is alternative investing?

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Invesco is a leading provider of
alternative investments
$172 billion
assets under management

as of December 31, 2017

Active volatility management: To help minimize risk in periods of high volatility

To manage the overall risk associated with high-equity exposure and to help minimize drawdown risk, a managed volatility strategy is included in Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds as an underlying holding. Drawdown risk measures how long it takes for an investment to recoup its losses after falling from a previous high.

Volatility management glide path

Invesco Peak RetirementTM Funds are managed by the Invesco Global Solutions Team

Under the leadership of Duy Nguyen and Jacob Borbidge, the Invesco Global Solutions Team designs and implements strategically allocated, multi-asset portfolios. The team creates outcome-oriented portfolios for a range of education, retirement and income goals and manages more than $11 billion in assets (as of December 31, 2017).

In launching the new suite, Nguyen and Borbidge have built on the team's experience designing the glide path for the age-based Invesco CollegeBound 529 Saving Plan. As an independent entity, unaffiliated with any Invesco investment discipline, the Global Solutions Team has the flexibility to leverage the firm's entire platform of strategies and products, combining strategies to help deliver desired outcomes.

Duy Nguyen

Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Global Solutions Team

Head of Invesco Advisory Solutions

Jacob Borbidge

Head of Research

Portfolio Manager

Global Solutions Team

About risk
The funds are subject to the risks of the underlying funds. Market fluctuations may change the target weightings in the underlying funds and certain factors may cause the Fund to withdraw its investments therein at a disadvantageous time.

The risks of investing in securities of foreign issuers, including emerging market issuers, can include fluctuations in foreign currencies, political and economic instability, and foreign taxation issues.

Interest rate risk refers to the risk that bond prices generally fall as interest rates rise and vice versa.

An issuer may be unable to meet interest and/or principal payments, thereby causing its instruments to decrease in value and lowering the issuer's credit rating.

The values of junk bonds fluctuate more than those of high-quality bonds and can decline significantly over short time periods.

Alternative products typically hold more non-traditional investments and employ more complex trading strategies, including hedging and leveraging through derivatives, short selling and opportunistic strategies that change with market conditions. Investors considering alternatives should be aware of their unique characteristics and additional risks from the strategies they use. Like all investments, performance will fluctuate. You can lose money.

A target date fund identifies a specific time at which investors are expected to begin making withdrawals, e.g., Now, 2020, 2030. The principal value of the fund is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date.

Derivatives may be more volatile and less liquid than traditional investments and are subject to market, interest rate, credit, leverage, counterparty and management risks. An investment in a derivative could lose more than the cash amount invested.

Commodities may subject an investor to greater volatility than traditional securities such as stocks and bonds and can fluctuate significantly based on weather, political, tax, and other regulatory and market developments.

Underlying investments may appreciate or decrease significantly in value over short periods of time and cause an underlying fund's shares to experience significant volatility over short periods of time.

The funds are subject to certain other risks. Please see the prospectus for more information regarding the risks associated with an investment in the funds.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risk of loss.