Invesco Conservative Growth Strategic Balanced SMA

Invesco Conservative Growth Strategic Balanced SMA

Asset allocation - Strategic balanced

At a glance


Seeks total return


Equity and fixed income smart beta Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • Deep experience in quantitative and fundamental skill sets
  • Independent experts focused on evaluating capabilities across investment centers
  • Dedicated team with more than a decade of industry experience on average


We seek to build long-term strategic portfolios that target pre-defined levels of risk exposure and provide access across a wide array of asset classes through smart beta exposure.


Step 1: Strategic asset class allocation

Reflecting the three levels of risk across equities and fixed income:

  • Conservative
    Growth 40%/60%
  • Moderate
    Growth 60%/40%
  • Growth 80%/20%
Step 2: Security selection

Select fundamentally weighted and low volatility ETFs:

  • US fixed income
  • US large cap equity
  • US small cap equity
  • Developed markets equity
  • Emerging markets equity
Step 3: Construction

Active risk parity:

  • Tracking error penalty
  • Credit score deviation penalty
  • Emerging market and small cap limit