Invesco Pinnacle Series: Total Beta Tax Aware SMA

Invesco Pinnacle Series: Total Beta Tax Aware SMA

Asset allocation - Multi-asset

At a glance


Seeks to maintain target risk levels while seeking to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns

  • Multi-asset and multi-factor equity and fixed income exchange-traded funds.

  • Deep experience in quantitative and fundamental skill sets
  • Independent experts focused on evaluating capabilities across investment centers
  • Dedicated team with more than a decade of industry experience on average


The portfolio seeks to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns within predefined levels of risk, over a full market cycle, by accessing strategic asset class allocations through cost-effective exchange-traded funds. The portfolio offers broad diversification across asset and sub-asset classes, and investment factors. It is also designed to deliver increased investment flexibility and customization to achieve specific investor outcomes, and provides exposure to tax-exempt income with high credit quality.


Leveraging our expertise in research, asset allocation and portfolio construction to create a more efficient, scalable investment experience.

Comprehensive research
  • Quantitative focus supported by qualitative inputs
Asset allocation
  • Based on proprietary 10-year capital market assumptions
Manager selection
  • Evaluated with comprehensive qualitative and quantitative metrics
Portfolio construction
  • Seeking diversification with a risk-aware approach

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