A Leader in Fixed Income Investing

Total Assets
We're proud to manage $372 billion in fixed income assets for our clients, as of Dec. 31, 2019.
Fixed Income Professionals
Our robust team of 182 fixed income specialists has deep knowledge of bond markets and client needs.
Average Tenure
18 yrs.1
We are a seasoned team, with each member averaging 18 years of industry experience.

A Tailored Approach

The Invesco Fixed Income team consists of over 90 individual portfolio managers in 10 offices1 and five countries around the world. With experts in every corner of the fixed income market, Invesco offers a broad range of investment experience that is both large enough to cover today’s vast markets and nimble enough to make quick, effective decisions.

1As of December 31, 2019.

Find Strategies for Your Goals

Liquidity/Cash Management

Invesco Government Money Market Fund (AIMXX)

Potential Stability

Invesco Conservative Income Fund (ICIVX)

Invesco Ultra Short Duration ETF (GSY)

Invesco Short Term Bond Fund (STBAX)

Current Income

Invesco Oppenheimer Total Return Bond Fund (OPIGX)

Invesco Core Plus Bond Fund (ACPSX)

Invesco Multi-Asset Income Fund (PIAFX)

Invesco Variable Rate Investment Grade ETF (VRIG)

Multi-Asset Income Fund (PIAFX)

Invesco Variable Rate Investment Grade ETF (VRIG)

Total Return

BulletShares ETF Suite

Invesco Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Fund (OOSAX)

Invesco Senior Loan ETF (BKLN)

Geographical Diversification

Invesco Oppenheimer International Bond Fund (OIBAX)

Invesco Oppenheimer Emerging Market Local Debt Fund (OEMAX)

Specialty Income

Invesco Real Estate Fund (IARAX)

Invesco Diversified Dividend Fund (LCEAX)

Invesco Dividend Income Fund (IAUTX)

Invesco Oppenheimer S&P Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF (RDIV)

Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF (SPHD)

Invesco Equity and Income Fund (ACEIX)

Invesco Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Fund (MLPAX)

Invesco Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus Fund (MLPLX)

Invesco Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Income Fund (MLPDX)

Invesco Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Select 40 Fund (MLPFX)

Tax Managed

Invesco Oppenheimer Short Term Municipal Bond Fund (ORSTX)

Invesco Intermediate Term Municipal Income Fund (VKLMX)

Invesco Oppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free (OPTAX)

Invesco Municipal Income Fund (VKMMX)

Invesco High Yield Municipal Fund (ACTHX)

Invesco Oppenheimer Rochester High Yield Municipal Fund (ORNAX)