Invesco Conservative Growth Active Balanced SMA

Invesco Conservative Growth Active Balanced SMA

Asset allocation - Active balanced

At a glance


Seeks total return


Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded notes seeking exposure to the following asset classes:

  • Equity markets, including both developed and emerging markets
  • Fixed income (developed markets only)
  • Commodities, focusing on energy, precious metals, industrial metals and agriculture/livestock

  • Deep experience in quantitative and fundamental skill sets
  • Independent experts focused on evaluating capabilities across investment centers
  • Dedicated team with more than a decade of industry experience on average


We seek to optimize the combination of strategic and tactical allocations in a single portfolio, while ensuring that the resulting portfolio remains aligned with its risk-based mandate.


Step 1: Strategic allocation
  • Long-term strategic portfolios
  • Access to a wide array of asset classes
  • Implemented through Smart Beta exposure
  • Targets pre-defined levels of risk
Step 2: Tactical allocation
  • Select assets with relatively low correlations to one another
  • Tactical signal generation
  • Map signal to allocation ranges for each asset
Step 3: Construction
  • Portfolios are constructed using an optimization process

Portfolio positioning:

  • strategic allocation (70%)
  • tactical allocation (30%)