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2018 defined contribution language study

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"It's not what you say, it's what they hear."®

Despite the great strides plan sponsors have made providing participants with in depth education, many are still challenged in their ability to motivate employees to save for retirement.

Learn reasons DC Plan participants are often overwhelmed and ways plan sponsors and advisors may help them save more for retirement.

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2018 ReDefined Contribution Language Study

Our 2018 ReDefined Contribution Plans DC language study surveyed more than 800 large-plan participants across age bands — Millennials, Generation X and Boomers. Our language study offers insight and guidance into the impact language can have on plan participants' overall understanding of, and behavior towards three key findings; the company match, target date funds and retirees staying in-plan.

Three key findings*:

Employer match

Free money via the match can help drive higher savings rates.

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Target date funds

Clear descriptions of target date funds could reduce misunderstanding and misuse.

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Post-retirement options

Specific language can help retirees understand the benefits of staying in-plan.

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* Source for all data unless otherwise indicated: March 2018 survey by Invesco and Maslansky + Partners of 800 employees of large companies

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