Invesco Physical Gold ETC
Invesco Physical Gold ETC

One of the largest and most cost-efficient gold products in Europe

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Looking to invest in gold?

Demand for gold as an investment has grown by 14% p.a. on average since 20011, largely due to the introduction of exchange-traded products making it easier for investors to gain exposure.

Our Invesco Physical Gold ETC offers one of the lowest cost ways to gain exposure to the gold price of any ETC in Europe. Investments are backed by physical gold bars stored securely in the London vaults of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank.

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Why consider gold?

Our commitment to responsible gold

The main industry body for the precious metals industry in London introduced a Responsible Gold Guidance around the provenance of gold. Find out about our commitment to responsible gold and what we are doing to adhere to the highest standards.

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Invesco Physical Gold ETC

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    2 Invesco, as at 18 November 2021

Investment Risks

  • For complete information on risks, refer to the legal documents.


    Costs may increase or decrease as result of currency and exchange rate fluctuations. Consult the legal documents for further information on costs. The investment concerns the acquisition of units in a fund and not in a given underlying asset.


    The value of investments, and any income from them, will fluctuate. This may partly be the result of changes in exchange rates. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.


    If the issuer cannot pay the specified return, the precious metal will be used to repay investors. Investors will have no claim on the other assets of the Issuer.


    Instruments providing exposure to commodities are generally considered to be high risk which means there is a greater risk of large fluctuations in the value of the instrument.

Important Information

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