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How Invesco Fixed Income (IFI) integrates ESG

Invesco Fixed Income ESG

At Invesco Fixed Income we recognise the importance of applying ESG principles in everything we do. This is because we believe ESG investing is key to the sustainable future of our planet and our clients’ investments.

With over USD$386 billion assets under management and 174 investment professionals, who have an average of 19 years’ industry experience1, IFI is an important voice supporting the engagement efforts of Invesco and helping to promote ESG integration across the industry. 

Our expertise in a wide spectrum of fixed income assets ranging from cash investments to corporate bonds, developed to emerging markets, and government debt to securities backed by mortgages or other assets, means we are well positioned to implement ESG considerations across the fixed income universe. 

We recognise that every asset class in which we invest has its own set of unique features and, whilst looking for commonalities, it is important to actively consider relevant risk factors on merit. 

IFI teams first identify what ESG factors are most important (materiality) and investigate where the most or least progress is being made (momentum).  Together, these elements can lead IFI portfolio managers to identify more sustainable investments for our clients’ portfolios and better control risk in the process. 

Fixed income has a pivotal role to play in building a better world as the maturing nature of bonds means that issuers must return to the market for financing. Investors now expect ESG to be at the heart of fixed income investing and bonds also provide a means for them to access specific environmental or socially beneficial projects.

Explore our insights below to discover how we think about ESG across our capabilities, with the aim of promoting the transition to a more sustainable planet and achieving the best outcomes for clients. 

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  • 1 Invesco, as of 30 June 2021

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