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Factor Investing

We are leading practitioners when it comes to factor investing. We’ve been managing factor investing strategies since 1983. Due to Increases in computational power, factor investing is having it’s momentum.

Factor investing can be a way for investors to reach their investment goals through understanding the building blocks of their portfolio. It represents a fundamental shift in investment management through increased transparency.

Factors - such as value, size, volatility, dividend yield, quality and momentum - are quantifiable characteristics of a financial asset that meaningfully explain its risk-return profile.

Why factor investing?

Factor-based strategies systematically apply evidence-based research to help achieve outcomes. Factors explain risk and return, allowing for greater granularity and customization.

What's new in factor investing?

Focused on knowledge transfer, our investment professionals regularly produce content to share our experience and the latest research.

Invesco Global Factor Investing Study 2019

This study examines trends in factor investing globally, including paths of adoption, experiences, methods of implementation, future intentions and challenges to overcome in the field.

 factor investing

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