Business Resource Groups

Our business resource groups provide a community for employees to network and develop business skills. We are dedicated to building an inclusive culture where every individual can be authentic, accepted, and respected.

We believe in an environment in which we all feel we belong, and we respect each other’s identities, lives, health and well being. Our culture thrives when we can be our best selves, doing our best work — for our clients and each other.

How our BRGs are fostering change

We are working together to create a culture of belonging, sharing ideas and supporting one another to create a community that helps to enrich us professionally and personally. This helps create an awareness which transforms people and is a reflection of the diverse clients we have. 

Our BRGs

Invesco Women’s Network (Global)

The Invesco Women’s Network empowers the women of Invesco to achieve their aspirations by creating opportunities to build relationships, deepen their knowledge, and enhance their leadership experience.

Invesco Proud Network (Global)

The ​Invesco Proud Network supports LGBT+ colleagues and allies in the workplace.

Invesco Rising Career Network (Global)

The Invesco Rising Career Network aims to develop Invesco's early career employees by providing a network of professional and social support. The network creates opportunities for younger employees to lead, build relationships, and advance their careers while fostering communication and collaboration across teams.

Neurodiversity Network (Global)

The Neurodiversity Network has been established with the aim of increasing awareness and starting the conversation on how we can make Invesco a more inclusive environment for neurodiverse individuals. Great minds think differently!

Ethnicity Network (EMEA)

The Ethnicity Network provides a community for all employees to share their different backgrounds and cultures, and to promote how this positively contributes to the richness of diversity of thought and to our commercial success at Invesco.

Working Families Network (EMEA)

The Working Families Network aims to support employees throughout this journey. Enabling our colleagues to effectively meet their work and caring responsibilities allows us all to thrive and sustains healthy families.

Social Mobility Network (EMEA)

The Social Mobility Network aims to greater align Invesco EMEA with society’s demographics. The Network will target greater diversity in socioeconomic status, whilst also striving to create greater understanding amongst EMEA employees of the importance and benefits of greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

Important information

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