Accelerating rate of change in markets highlights the benefits of tactical tilting to a long-term, diversified multi-factor approach

Invesco Global Factor Investing Study 2022

Theme 4

80% of factor investors now adjust factor weights through time, driven by the varying performance of different factors over the economic cycle and a need to balance out exposures across the portfolio
Figure 1.1 Adjust factor weights through time, % citations

Do you adjust your factor weights through time? Sample size: 143

The time frame used to assess performance is falling with single factor tactical allocations assessed over the short-term, but multi-factor strategic allocations still assessed over the long-term
Figure 1.2 Time-frame used to assess performance of factor strategies, % citations

What time frame do you use to analyse / assess the performance of factor strategies? Sample size: 2019 = 238, 2022 = 147

For multifactor ETF’s we would be very much looking at how far it tracks away or close to the overall benchmark. If we are looking for pure exposure to a single factor, we would look at how the product tracks against that factor’s index.

Retail investor, North America
Use-case is driving selection decisions for factor products; factor purity is key for tactical allocations while performance relative to benchmarks is important for strategic allocations
Figure 1.3 ETFs used strategically or tactically, % citations

Do you use factor ETFs strategically or tactically? Sample size: 73

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