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Reimagine the future with thematic investing

With the world changing faster than ever, many investors want to explore thematic solutions to capture some of the most powerful trends reshaping the future.

A thematic fund invests in companies positively linked with a long-term trend or transition. This approach reduces the concentration risk of investing in individual companies while providing more precise exposure to the theme compared to investing in traditional sectors. It’s largely irrelevant where a company is domiciled or in what sector it happens to be classified. While a theme can cover just about any trend you can imagine, the most successful ones tend to be clearly definable, investible, revenue-generative, and long-term.

A diversified portfolio will usually comprise both core and non-core holdings, with thematic funds part of that latter category. Because thematic funds are more concentrated and targeted compared to broad index funds, they tend to be more volatile, especially over shorter timeframes. Held over the longer term, however, they may be able to capture the evolution of the theme. They’re often seen as providing more differentiated, less correlated sources of return. Some investors may use them as strategic positions alongside their portfolio’s core holdings, with traditional sectors used more tactically to adjust for shorter-term market conditions.

Capture mega trends with Invesco

Here are some of the most compelling long-term themes and how you can access them through our range of ETFs and actively managed funds.

Why Invesco

Reframing investment opportunities in a world that’s constantly changing isn’t easy. But at Invesco, we believe that exploring the structural changes our world is facing is key to success. 

As one of the world’s largest and leading independent investment managers*, Invesco has the global capability to deliver our best ideas to investors around the world. 


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