Russian invasion of Ukraine

Invesco notice

Invesco’s policy is to fully comply with all US, EU, UK and other relevant sanctions that are imposed as a result of Russia’s further challenges to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. As always, our focus is on acting as a trusted advisor to clients, particularly in times of market turmoil. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already triggered severe sanctions and export controls by the US OFAC, UK, EU and other NATO allies in response to the crisis. While the sanctions are not identical, they are common in targeting Russia’s banking and military sectors as well as its sovereign debt. Given the broader remit of the US OFAC sanctions, by complying with the US OFAC sanctions, the other sanction regimes are also met; Invesco’s policy is to comply with US OFAC sanctions across all business regions.

For investors we expect continued near-term volatility as the markets work to fully understand the economic and financial impacts of Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. Our investment teams are working hard to understand the impacts on the portfolios we manage; as you would expect, this situation has been and will continue to be very fluid.

The aggregate exposure to equities and fixed income in funds and accounts managed by Invesco that are directly tied to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus is very small relative to the overall assets that we manage on behalf of our clients. As you would expect, certain funds, particularly those that invest in emerging markets, have a Russia weighting. The investment professionals overseeing these funds and accounts are monitoring the situation very closely and making decisions aligned to their investment processes with the best interests of clients in mind. Any specific updates in relation to those products will be made available on the applicable product pages on our websites.

We always recommend that investors adopt a long-term perspective and seek professional advice before making any investment decision. As always, our focus is on acting as a trusted advisor to clients, particularly in times of market turmoil.