Low cost exposure to high quality government bonds

Low-cost exposure to high quality government bonds

For investors looking to diversify their portfolio, high quality government bonds could provide a cushion in time of market uncertainty. They are useful diversification tools and are likely to form a major part of a cautious investor’s portfolio.

Backed by the world's strongest and largest economies, developed market government bonds are among the safest and most liquid asset classes. Government bonds tend to perform well in turbulent times and can help diversify risk in multi-asset portfolios. Often viewed as a possible buffer for volatile equity and other riskier markets, government bonds serve as a core allocation for investors

We offer a wide range of developed market, low-cost government bond ETFs, offering a choice of maturity ranges and broad exposures across US treasuries, UK gilts, and European government bonds.

Choose the ETF that best matches your needs

Whether you’re looking for broad exposure to potentially reduce volatility, or you’re targeting a specific segment of the yield curve to express your view on interest rates, we have a range of government bonds to suit.

US Treasury Bond UCITS ETFs

US Treasuries are likely to form a major part of a cautious investor’s portfolio, while other investors may use them for diversification or as a potential cushion in case equity markets fall. We offer five ETFs with targeted exposure to different ranges of maturities and one ETF that provides broad exposure across the full maturity spectrum of up to 30 years.

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Euro Government Bonds UCITS ETFs

Our range of Euro government Bond ETFs, have some of the lowest fees in Europe and can provide investors with easy access to the asset class. We offer four ETFs with targeted exposure to different ranges of maturities, and one that provides broad exposure across the full maturity spectrum. 

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Investment Risks

  • For complete information on risks, refer to the legal documents. The value of investments, and any income from them, will fluctuate. This may partly be the result of changes in exchange rates. Investors may not get back the full amount invested. The creditworthiness of the debt the Fund is exposed to may weaken and result in fluctuations in the value of the Fund. There is no guarantee the issuers of debt will repay the interest and capital on the redemption date. The risk is higher when the Fund is exposed to high yield debt securities. Changes in interest rates will result in fluctuations in the value of the fund. The Fund may be exposed to the risk of the borrower defaulting on its obligation to return the securities at the end of the loan period and of being unable to sell the collateral provided to it if the borrower defaults.

    Only Applies to Invesco US Treasury Bond UCITS ETFs
    The Fund might be concentrated in a specific region or sector or be exposed to a limited number of positions, which might result in greater fluctuations in the value of the Fund than for a fund that is more diversified.

Why Invesco ETFs?

Both Invesco ETFs aim to track the performance of an index through passive, physical replication. This means the ETFs will hold as far as is possible and practical all the securities in the index in their respective weightings and rebalance the holdings whenever the index is rebalanced.

Invesco’s team of portfolio managers are responsible for the efficient buying and selling of the ETF’s bonds, and the rebalancing of the portfolio, while our dedicated capital markets team works closely with leading brokers and market-makers who facilitate the efficient trading of our ETFs. 

The full list of ETF holdings and index constituents are published daily on the Invesco ETF website. 

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  • An investment in this fund is an acquisition of units in a passively managed, index tracking fund rather than in the underlying assets owned by the fund.

Important Information

  • Date as at December 2022 unless otherwise stated. Consult the legal documents for further information on costs. The investment concerns the acquisition of units in a fund and not in a given underlying asset

    For more information on our funds and the relevant risks, please refer to the share class-specific Key Information Documents/Key Investor Information Documents (available in local language), the Annual or Interim Reports, the Prospectus, and constituent documents, available from www.invesco.eu. A summary of investor rights is available in English from www.invescomanagementcompany.ie. The management company may terminate marketing arrangements.

    This document is marketing material and is not intended as a recommendation to buy or sell any particular asset class, security or strategy. Regulatory requirements that require impartiality of investment/investment strategy recommendations are therefore not applicable nor are any prohibitions to trade before publication.This document should not be considered financial advice. Persons interested in acquiring the fund should inform themselves as to (i) the legal requirements in the countries of their nationality, residence, ordinary residence or domicile; (ii) any foreign exchange controls and (iii) any relevant tax consequences. Any calculations and charts set out herein are indicative only, make certain assumptions and no gurantee is given that future performance or results will reflect the information herein.For details on fees and other charges, please consult the prospectus, the Key Information Documents/Key Investor Information Documents and the supplement of each product.

    UCITS ETF’s units/shares purchased on the secondary market cannot usually be sold directly back to UCITS ETF. Investors must buy and sell units/shares on a secondary market with the assistance of an intermediary (e.g. a stockbroker) and may incur fees for doing so. In addition, investors may pay more than the current net asset value when buying units/shares and may receive less than the current net asset value when selling them.

    “Bloomberg®”is a service mark of Bloomberg Finance L.P. and its affiliates, including Bloomberg Index Services Limited (“BISL”), the administratorof the index (collectively, “Bloomberg”) and have been licensed for use for certain purposes by Invesco. Bloomberg is not affiliated with Invesco, and Bloomberg does not approve, endorse, review, or recommend the Fund.

    Bloomberg does not guarantee the timeliness, accurateness, or completeness of any data or information relating to the Fund.Where individuals or the business have expressed opinions, they are based on current market conditions, they may differ from those of other investment professionals and are subject to change without notice. For the full objectives and investment policy please consult the current prospectus.

    German investors may obtain the offering documents free of charge in paper or electronic form from the issuer or from the German information and paying agent (Marcard, Stein & Co AG, Ballindamm 36, 20095 Hamburg, Germany).

    In Israel, the contents of this document are restricted to Qualified Clients (pursuant to the First Schedule to the Israeli Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 1995) only and are not intended for retail or private investors who are not Qualified Clients.

    The publication of the supplement in Italy does not imply any judgment by CONSOB on an investment in a product. The list of products listed in Italy, and the offering documents for and the supplement of each product are available: (i) at etf.invesco.com (along with the audited annual report and the unaudited half-year reports); and (ii) on the website of the Italian Stock Exchange borsaitaliana.it.

    The representative for the sub-funds of Invesco Markets plc, Invesco Markets II plc, and the paying agent for the sub-funds across all of these platforms, is BNP Paribas Securities Services, Paris, succursale de Zurich, Selnaustrasse 16, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland. The offering documents, articles of incorporation and annual and semi-annual reports may be obtained free of charge from the relevant representative in Switzerland. The ETFs are domiciled in Ireland.

    In Switzerland, the Funds are not registered for distribution with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (“FINMA”). This document and any document relating to these products may be made available in Switzerland solely to Qualified Investors.The offering of ETFs has not been and will not be notified to the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (Autoriteit voor Financiële Diensten en Markten/Autorité des Services et Marchés Financiers) nor has this document been, nor will it be, approved by the Financial Services and Markets Authority. 

    The ETFs may be offered in Belgium only to a maximum of 149 investors or to investors investing a minimum of €250,000 or to professional or institutional investors, in reliance on Article 5 of the Law of August 3, 2012. This document may be distributed in Belgium only to such investors for their personal use and exclusively for the purposes of this offering of ETFs. Accordingly, this document may not be used for any other purpose nor passed on to any other investor in Belgium.