Israel terms

The Qualified Client section of the website and its content is restricted to “Qualified Clients” (as defined below) only and is not intended for retail or private investors who are not Qualified Clients.

For the purposes of these terms, references to a "Qualified Client" mean a qualified client pursuant to the First Schedule to the Israeli Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 1995 (“the Investment Advice Law”), namely:

  • a mutual fund (joint investment trust fund) or a company managing such fund;
  • a provident fund as defined in the Israeli Supervision of Provident Funds Law, 2005, or a company that manages such provident fund;
  • an Insurer;
  • a banking corporation (“Banking Corporation”) or an Auxiliary Corporation, as defined in the Israeli Banking (Licensing) Law, 1981 (“the Banking Law”), other than a joint services company (“Auxiliary Corporation” means a corporation controlled by a Banking Corporation but which is not a Banking Corporation within the meaning of the Banking Law, the activities of which are limited to activities permitted to the Banking Corporation which controls it);
  • a licence holder under the Investment Advice Law;
  • a member of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange;
  • an underwriter qualified in accordance with section 56 (c) of the Israeli Securities Law, 1968 (“the Securities Law”);
  • a corporation, except for a corporation that was incorporated for the purpose of receiving services, whose equity exceeds NIS 50 million.  For this purpose, “equity”, including according to foreign accounting rules, international accounting standards and accepted accounting rules in the United States, as defined in sections 17(b)(1) and 36 of the Securities Law;
  • an individual in respect of whom two of the following hold true, and who has consented in advance in writing to be considered a Qualified Client for the purpose of the Investment Advice Law:

(i) the total value of his cash, deposits, financial assets and securities, as defined in section 52 of the Securities Law exceeds NIS 12 million;

(ii) he is expert and sophisticated in the capital markets field or has been employed for at least a year in a professional position requiring expertise in capital markets; and

(iii) he has carried out an average of at least 30 transactions in each of the four quarters which preceded his consent; for this purpose, “transaction” excludes a transaction carried out by a portfolio manager on behalf of an individual with which the manager has an investment portfolio management agreement;

  • a corporation fully owned by investors included in the list; and
  • a corporation incorporated outside of Israel the characteristics or the activities of which are similar to those of a corporation included in the list.

In accessing the website as a Qualified Client you will be undertaking, warranting and representing to the Invesco Group that you are a Qualified Client. Please note that the Invesco Group will be acting in reliance upon your undertaking, warranty and representation and you shall indemnify us and hold us harmless against all claims liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by us by reason of any breach of such undertaking, warranty and representation.

As a matter of general policy the Invesco Group will not conduct regulated investment activities with any person as a result of their receiving information from the website, unless agreed otherwise with a Qualified Client.

Any non-Qualified Client should not access the website.