Managing Director, Residential Investments, Invesco Real Estate

John German

BSc (hons)


John joined Invesco Real Estate (IRE) in April 2013 and is responsible for spearheading the expansion of the firm’s European residential expertise and investments in Europe.

With over 26 years’ experience in the industry, John spent 12 years at Grosvenor, where he was the head of residential strategy, and at Aberdeen Property Investors as director of residential fund management. In these roles, John has raised, invested and managed c.£200m in two residential funds on behalf of UK and European institutional investors. He also has experience with the student and serviced apartment sectors. John’s extensive experience covers transactions, developments, valuations as well as asset and property management.

John is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, has a BSc (hons) in Rural Land Management and is a member of the BPF and IPF.2017


Job title    Director, Residential Investments
In group    6 Years
Experience    28 Years
Location    London
Team    Invesco Real Estate