Bell Ringing: Invesco Physical Bitcoin ETP at SIX Swiss Exchange

Bell Ringing: Invesco Physical Bitcoin ETP at SIX Swiss Exchange

Bitcoin (BTC) accounts for 42% of the US$2 trillion cryptocurrency market and with more than $2 billion worth of Bitcoins traded on digital exchanges around the world each day, it is the most liquid. But despite its size and deep liquidity, many sophisticated professional investors have struggled to find a sufficiently robust ‘institutional-grade’ mechanism by which to invest.

Invesco seeks to address this demand with the launch of a Bitcoin ETP designed for sophisticated investors in Switzerland looking to gain straightforward and effective exposure to the cryptocurrency. With a structure similar to that of their well-established physical gold product, the Invesco Physical Bitcoin ETP will be 100% backed by holdings in the underlying digital assets with the aim of delivering the price performance of Bitcoin, less a fixed 0.99% annual fee.

Watch the video of the iconic bell ringing Ceremony at SIX Swiss Exchange

In this video you can find the digital bell ringing at SIX Swiss Exchange.

Investment risks

  • Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk. You should only invest in this product if you understand the risks associated with it. Any decision to invest should be based on the information contained in the relevant prospectus. Prospective investors should consult their professional advisers to ascertain the suitability of this product as an investment to their own circumstances.

    The value of the product depends on the performance of the underlying investment. Cryptocurrencies do not have any intrinsic value and may become worthless. 

    Volatility Risk:
    Cryptocurrencies are subject to extreme price volatility as evidenced by the large daily movements in the price of Bitcoin since its inception.  Cryptocurrency markets do not close and so sudden price swings could occur at any time.

    Risk of Hacking:
    A hack of a depositary wallet could result in the loss of the main body of the underlying cryptoassets backing one or more series of certificates. Such a hack could result in a loss of value of the certificates for all the certificateholders of the affected series. Certificateholders of the affected series would risk losing their entire investment. 

    Liquidity Risk:
    The product may be adversely affected by a decrease in market liquidity which may impair the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.

    Regulation Risk in the Market of Cryptocurrencies:
    The price of cryptocurrency can be affected by factors such as global or regional political conditions and regulatory or judicial events.

Important information

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