Introducing the Invesco India Equity Fund

An active fund of around 70 companies featuring quality growth characteristics in the fastest growing large country in the world.

Introducing the Invesco India Equity Fund

India’s future growth

We believe India’s future growth will be driven through three major secular growth trends:

Multi-year growth opportunity

Multi-year growth opportunity

India is one of the strongest growing economies in Asia, driven by digital transformation, robust consumption and expanding exports.

Strong demand outpacing supply in manufacturing and consumer discretionary sectors is resulting in improving pricing power and stronger earnings growth, supporting equity market valuations.

Over the last decade, Indian corporations managed their balance sheets well. This will help them to capitalise on expected demand led growth that is underpinned by the country’s rising middle class.



Why consider investing now?

India is emerging as the new leader of economic growth in Asia, surpassing China. With India’s 2023 GDP at 2007 China levels, we believe the country’s growth trajectory may well resemble China’s.

Favourable macro environment

Allows to capitalise on falling US yields, stable oil prices, and controlled inflation.


Big reset of global dynamics

Indian equities are positioned to benefit from the evolving global landscape.


Supportive data

Tax collections, PMI, credit growth and travel data are strong.


Solid equity market dynamics

Attractive earnings and supportive liquidity enhance the investment potential.


Why this fund?

This actively managed fund is positioned to benefit from India’s strong economic growth, and in particular from the underlying secular growth trends, by investing in corporations that exhibit ‘quality growth’ features. These are companies with strong management, sustainable earnings growth, flexible cost metrics, a strong balance sheet, a strong brand as well as significant market share.

Fund manager Shekhar Sambhshivan has managed the fund since 2006 and leads a highly consistent and experienced team.

The investment team considers sustainability throughout the investment process, from stock selection to periodical portfolio review processes. The fund is SFDR Article 8 classified, while many peers are not.

Investment risks

  • For complete information on risks, refer to the legal documents. The value of investments and any income will fluctuate (this may partly be the result of exchange rate fluctuations) and investors may not get back the full amount invested.

It's India's time to shine. Prepare for multi-year growth, where corporate earnings and GDP growth go hand in hand.

Shekhar Sambhshivan, Investment Director

Fund facts

The fund manager Shekhar Sambhshivan has been managing the fund since 2006 through various market cycles. The fund has an AUM of more than USD 500m and an investment approach that is focused on corporations featuring quality and growth characteristics.


Favourable Market environment:
An investment in Indian equities can capitalise on falling yields, stable oil prices and controlled inflation.

Well positioned for a big reset of global dynamics:
India benefits from a big global reset with dynamics shifting from China to India.

Reforms and initiatives benefitting local businesses:
India’s government-initiated improvements in the country’s infrastructure, reforms around corporate taxes and manufacturing, and the country’s ambitious renewable energy targets should bode well for corporate India’s growth prospects.

Favourable demographics:
The share of India’s working age population to total population is projected to reach its highest level by 2030. With a relatively young population, India not only gets a competitive advantage in terms of workforce but also an opportunity to unleash the consumption power of a young population. (Source: EY, April 2023).

India’s economic growth stands out on the global stage. We currently see opportunities specifically in three secular growth trends which are (1) financial transformation, (2) consumption explosion and (3) manufacturing renaissance. 

SFDR is the acronym for Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and its main purpose is to reorientate capital towards more sustainable businesses and increase transparency on sustainability among financial institutions and market participants.

The SFDR article 8 classification applies to funds promoting environmental and social objectives and which take more into account than just sustainability risks as required by article 6.

You can invest in the Asian and emerging market stock markets by investing in actively managed mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs). Invesco offers a broad range of actively managed funds and ETFs.

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