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Leading in Asia Pacific

Invesco was established in 1935 and today operates in more than 25 countries. The firm is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol IVZ. Having been in the region since 1962, Invesco is one of the most experienced investment firms in Asia Pacific.

13+ offices across 8 markets in Asia Pacific
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* As of June 30, 2020, Invesco

Key highlights of our Asia Pacific business include:

- 50 years of experience investing in Asia Pacific, with 155 investment professionals.

- A pioneer investor in Chinese Equities, with around 30 years of experience in managing offshore Chinese Equities and over 10 years in managing onshore Chinese equities (under the QFII scheme).

- An early mover, started in Hong Kong in the 70’s and the first Sino-America fund management company in 2003 in China.

- One of the first few global asset managers that established a wholly-foreign owned enterprise in China to conduct investment management business.

- Two important joint ventures, partnering with China Huaneng Group, in China:

  • Invesco Great Wall – formed to target domestic mutual funds market in China
  • Huaneng Invesco WLR – targeting private equity market

- Significant presence in Japan since 1983.

- Expanding presence and capabilities in India with Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited^, one of the top 17# asset management companies in India, with an AUM of US$3.93 billion.

Prominent presence in Australia, Singapore and South Korea.

Source: Invesco. All data as at June 30, 2020, unless otherwise stated. QFII denotes Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor. ^In March 2013, Invesco purchased 49% of Religare Asset Management Company Private Limited which was renamed as Religare Invesco Asset Management Company Private Limited (“RIAMC”). Invesco completed the acquisition of RIAMC by increasing its shareholding to 100% in April 2016. The firm was renamed as Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited in May 2016. # Source: AMFI, average AUM Q2 2020.

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