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Invesco Mid Cap Growth

Invests in premier growth companies in the mid-cap space.

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Why this strategy

We seek to identify and own premier mid-sized companies before our peers by leveraging our experience with smaller-cap growth companies. This strategy provides exposure to the often-under-owned mid-cap segment of the market and may complement allocations to small-cap and large-cap portfolios. 

How we do it

The team seeks to benefit from the growth available in premier mid-cap companies, while mitigating risk through prudent portfolio construction and consistent application of the sell discipline. The team utilizes a high-quality, high-growth approach, focusing on above-average earnings, industry leaders, and seasoned management teams.  Stock selection is key to the team’s success – knowing when to buy and when to sell. We use in-depth fundamental analysis to identify the best opportunities and seek to build a well-diversified portfolio across sectors, industries, and securities. 

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