Diversity and Inclusion at Invesco


Commitment to diverse perspectives

Fundamentally, we believe that in order to best help our clients and employees get more out of life, our workforce should reflect the diversity of people and perspectives of the communities we serve. We believe that diversity and inclusion is a moral imperative and a business imperative. At Invesco, we are committed to improving diversity at all levels and in all functions across our global business as evidenced by our CEO and senior managing directors – the most senior leaders for key parts of our business – all of whom have diversity and inclusion goals as part of their annual performance goals.

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Gender diversity – A global topic

Although diversity is country and culturally specific, the need for greater gender diversity is a constant across the globe, which is why we focus on gender diversity at the enterprise level. Today we have a diverse, talented pool of women across our global firm and we aspire to have more women at senior levels and across all functions within our firm.

We also work with a variety of external partners with the goal of improving diversity and inclusion both within Invesco and across our industry. For example, we are active members in a number of local or regional public or industry initiatives such as the UK and North America Asset Management Diversity Project, of which Invesco was a founding member

The CEO and senior managing directors of Invesco have adopted several principles for achieving our gender diversity goals. To demonstrate our global commitment to senior-level accountability, in 2018 the firm adopted a global four-point pledge (modelled on the UK HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter). Specifically, the CEO and senior managing directors have pledged that:

We will apply the UK Women in Finance Charter initiative to Invesco globally, with the CEO and each senior managing director responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion. Globally, we set a target for female representation of senior managers to be between 30% - 40% by 2020. When we made this pledge in 2017, the firm globally stood at 26% and as at December 31, 2019 we have reached 31%.

We will continue to sponsor and share diversity and inclusion activities that will aid in achieving the higher end of our female representation of senior managers target and support having greater diversity across the globe.

Annual performance goals in support of gender (and broader) diversity and inclusion activities will continue to be included for our CEO and the senior managing directors.


Our diversity and inclusion programs

In support of our diversity and inclusion aspirations beyond gender, we have activities across the globe that focus on engaging and developing the many talented people who work for Invesco, while also ensuring that we attract new talent from a broad range of backgrounds. These initiatives include programs focused on developing the next generation of leaders, training efforts intended to strengthen our inclusive culture, development of internal and external partnerships and more robust recruitment practices to attract diverse talent into the firm.

Some of our specific initiatives in 2019 included:

Many of our senior managing directors committed to a reverse mentoring relationship in 2020.

All hiring managers to complete Unconscious Bias training by the end of 2020 and all senior leaders to complete Unconscious Bias training by the end of 2021.

Launched new Business Resource Groups that focus on the different aspects of diversity at our firm and drive a sense of belonging.

Pursuing a goal of 95% diverse candidate slates and interview panels for new hires. During 2019, 65% of the candidate slates were diverse and 81% of the interview panels were diverse.

All of these efforts are sponsored by our CEO and senior managing directors, supported by our senior leaders across the business, cascaded to our employees and captured in the firm’s business plans and leadership objectives.

Across the globe, we continue to build our partnerships and networks internally and externally to optimize our diversity and inclusion activity and engage our whole employee population in our efforts. In 2019, we added an inclusion index to our employee engagement survey to begin tracking our colleagues’ sense of belonging across the firm. We found that 80% of global colleagues feel they can be themselves at Invesco without worrying how they will be accepted. Our Business Resource Groups are key to driving this sense of belonging and helping us achieve greater inclusion.

We continue to leverage the efforts and success of our Invesco Women’s Network, which provides development and mentorship opportunities, creates networking events for women and men and partners with the business on its broader diversity and inclusion efforts. Additionally, a number of other employee networks have been created including Invesco Proud (for our LGBTQ+ employees and allies), country-specific Ethnicity Networks and Working Families.