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Pledging our support to address social injustice

protesting crowd

Like many of you, I have watched with shock and sorrow as people in communities across the US express their pain, frustration, and outrage over the recent killing of George Floyd and the long-standing systemic denial of fundamental civil and human rights to Black Americans. Over the past few days, people of all cultural backgrounds have come together to say forcefully that Black Lives Matter and to urgently call for action to end racial disparity.

A key attribute of Invesco is diversity of thought, the belief that every individual has a unique point of view and that every voice must be heard. Our purpose is to help people get more out of life, which can only be accomplished if we work together to address the inequities that we see in our communities.

That’s why I’ve joined with the Atlanta Committee for Progress in a pledge to do our partThe Atlanta Committee for Progress is a coalition of more than 40 CEOs from Atlanta-based companies (including many Fortune 500 firms) and community leaders that collaborates with the mayor of Atlanta to drive economic growth and address critical issues in the city.

Within Invesco, we will continue to further strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion everywhere. We are making a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. We will also work to be part of the solution as we drive our communities to be more inclusive and to end the racial disparity that is impacting so many lives.

Working together, seeking creative solutions, and truly valuing every individual is the only way to reverse a long  history of racism and injustice, and the only way we will ever bring about real change.