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Our Commitments

Business Resource Groups

Our business resource groups provide a community for employees to network and develop business skills. We are dedicated to building an inclusive culture where every individual can be authentic, accepted, and respected.

Our BRGs

The Invesco Women’s Network (Global)

The IWN empowers the women of Invesco to achieve their aspirations by creating opportunities to build relationships, deepen their knowledge, and enhance their leadership experience.

Invesco Proud Network (Global)

The ​Invesco Proud Network supports LGBT+ colleagues and allies in the workplace.

Invesco Black Professionals Network (Americas)

The Invesco Black Professionals Network (IBPN) is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace that cultivates an awareness and understanding of the value and competitive advantage that diverse talent brings to the firm and to the communities we serve.

Invesco Pan-Asian Professionals Network (Americas)

The Invesco Pan-Asian Professionals Network was established to promote professional development, celebrate cultural events, and create an inclusive environment where we can foster camaraderie within the Pan-Asian community and allies at Invesco.

Invesco Rising Career Network (Global)

The Invesco Rising Career Network aims to develop Invesco's early career employees by providing a network of professional and social support. The network creates opportunities for younger employees to lead, build relationships, and advance their careers while fostering communication and collaboration across teams.

Hispanic or Latino Association ¡HOLA! (Americas)

​​​The ¡HOLA! mission is to promote an inclusive culture with a commitment to connect Hispanic and Latino professionals and allies, advocate for Hispanic and Latino recruitment and career progression, and advance the Hispanic and Latino community through financial education and philanthropy.

Invesco Veterans Network (Americas)

The Invesco Veterans Network provides support and community for current and former military service members and their families. The IVN aims to enhance Invesco’s diverse and inclusive culture through veteran recruitment, retention, professional development, and networking. Bringing together our unique backgrounds of military service, we seek to harness these strengths to better serve and educate our firm, community, and clients.

The EMEA Ethnicity Network (EMEA)

The EMEA Ethnicity Network provides a community for all staff to share their different backgrounds and cultures, and to promote how this positively contributes to the richness of diversity of thought and to our commercial success at Invesco.

Neurodiversity Network (EMEA and NA)

The Neurodiversity Network has been established with the aim of increasing awareness and starting the conversation on how we can make Invesco a more inclusive environment for neurodiverse individuals. Great minds think differently!

Working Families Network (EMEA and NA)

The Working Families Network aims to support staff throughout this journey. Enabling our colleagues to effectively meet their work and caring responsibilities allows us all to thrive and sustains healthy families.

I-Able (Hyderabad)

i-Able is our Hyderabad-based network that promotes greater understanding, accommodation, and appreciation of employees with disabilities.

We believe in an environment in which we all feel we belong, and we respect each other’s identities, lives, health and well being. Our culture thrives when we can be our best selves, doing our best work — for our clients and each other.


Terry :

You name it, we have a BRG to help support your interest and your desires.

Mark :

I think that BRGs are really useful as part of the broader picture of building an inclusive community.

Irina :

We are in it together. We want to support each other. We want to truly be part of something that's bigger than just our careers.

Sophia :

The inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community has been very enriching for us professionally, but I think it has also impacted a lot of lives.

Sachin :

The ethnicity network in EMEA is a reflection of the diverse set of clients that we have as well.

Tish :

Every time I see people of all different ethnicities participating, it does my heart good to know that we can come together.

Matthew :

It shows that we are welcoming of all talent and looking to make the right adjustments to make sure people can thrive.

Donna :

Ultimately, I think being a part of, IWN or being a part of any of the BRGs is the missing piece to having that full, complete, best career experience at Invesco.

Kate :

Truly the best part of belonging to an Invesco BRG is that we work together, we share ideas, we co-host events, we promote each other's missions and bring awareness to help move the needle together.

Sunny :

Diversity is very apparent. There's multi-national cultures. There's open mindness to understand and relate to the different people and cultures.

Sophia :

Raising awareness, transforming people. That's what we do.

We care about each other

We believe in an environment in which we all feel we belong, and we respect each other’s identities, lives, health, and well-being. Our culture thrives when we can be our best selves, doing our best work — for our clients and each other.

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