Smart cities: the shape of things to come


Investing in Cities of Tomorrow

Investing in Cities of Tomorrow

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In this report, written by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Invesco, the EIU explores the dynamics of smart city infrastructure, real estate and transportation, as well as implications for investors. The report is complemented by an Invesco video and a series of articles featuring Invesco investment professionals and other experts sharing their insights on smart city development.

The research reveals:

  • Traditional infrastructure financing models may not work well for smart cities, so cities must look at different financing models to attract private investors.

  • Barriers to smart city creation and success will vary by market type.

  • The return on investment and the definition of success may differ based on societal and financial perspectives.

  • Mature financial markets and well-established regulatory systems are critical to allowing innovation and investment to thrive.

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