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How Los Angeles County adapted its participant communications strategy during the pandemic

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Shifting DC Times caught up with Keith Knox, Treasurer, Tax Collector, and Public Administrator for the County of Los Angeles. Mr. Knox oversees the investments within the County of Los Angeles 457(b) Horizons and 401(k) Savings Plans.

He shared with us details about how LA County quickly adapted to virtual communications at the start of the pandemic, the approach the county takes to encourage employees to stay in-plan(s) post retirement, and the plan committee’s point of view on including alternatives and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments in the defined contribution (DC) plans.

Read his thoughts on:

  • What retirement income and investment options they offer to encourage participants to stay in the plans post-retirement
  • Why LA County has been a pioneer in including alternatives in its target date funds
  • How the county thinks about ESG investments more broadly within the DB and DC plans
  • What service or capability he wishes were available for larger DC plans like his

Read more from our interview with Keith Knox, Treasurer, Tax Collector, and Public Administrator for the County of Los Angeles.

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