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Invesco leaders share their diverse points of view on what excites them about Invesco and why people should consider working for Invesco.

What would you tell someone considering a career at Invesco?

Invesco really asks its employees to step up and have ideas about how to make things better.

- Anne Wilkie

We have a great purpose; we have wonderful people, diversity of not just people, but ideas.

- Donie Lochan

When others say ‘you all embrace continuous improvement’ that means a lot to me.

- Paul Bozzuto

What excites you about Invesco’s future?

Despite 12 years of rapid growth, I feel that we are really beginning to scratch the surface.

- Dan Draper

We are positioned for success whether that has to do with internal growth or future acquisitions.

- Mike McHale

We have the brightest group of people in the world.

- Wash Dender