Invesco whistleblower hotline

Reporting Questionable Accounting or Auditing Matters and Other Violations

Complaints or concerns by employees or individuals outside of the company regarding violation of our Code of Conduct or rules mentioned therein, violations of laws or regulations generally involving Invesco, questionable accounting matters, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, breaches of fiduciary duty, or violations of United States or foreign securities laws or rules at Invesco should be reported via the toll-free Invesco Whistleblower Hotline or online via the Invesco Whistleblower Hotline website accessible through the link below. For U.S. and Canadian locations dial 1-855-234-9780. For all other locations, please access the Invesco Whistleblower Hotline website at for a list of international toll-free numbers by country.

You may report your complaints or concerns anonymously and confidentially. The Audit Committee encourages you, however, to supply contact information with your submission to facilitate clarification and any assistance with possible investigation. All complaints or concerns will be forwarded directly to the appropriate department(s) for review and potential submission to the Audit Committee. To assist the company and/or Audit Committee in reviewing and, if necessary, investigating your complaints or concerns, please, to the extent possible, include the following information in your submission: the alleged event, matter or issue that is the subject of the complaint or concern; the name of each person involved; if the complaint or concern involves a specific event or events, the approximate date and location of each event; and any additional information, documentation or other evidence available to support the complaint or concern.

Invesco Whistleblower Hotline website

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