Our wide range of investment capabilities is designed to support a variety of financial objectives.

We offer wide range of single-country, regional, and global capabilities across major equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes, delivered through a diverse set of investment vehicles.

A Wide Range of Investment Capabilities


  • Market cap
  • Investment style
  • Global/regional/ single country
  • Developed/emerging
  • Sector
  • Quantitative
  • Directional long/short (130/30)

Fixed Income and Money Market

  • Cash management
  • Duration
  • Sector
  • Investment grade/High yield
  • Global/regional
  • Developed/emerging
  • Tax-free bonds


  • Active balanced
  • Risk parity (risk premia capture)
  • Target maturity
  • Target risk
  • Traditional balanced


  • Absolute return
    • Market neutral
    • Multistrategy
  • Global macro
  • Private equity
    • Fund of funds
    • Buyout, emerging
  • Capital protection
  • Commodities
  • Financial structures
    • Bank loans
    • Credit arbitrage
    • Opportunistic
  • Real estate
    • Public real estate securities
    • Private direct
    • US, Asian, European, global

Delivered to investors through diverse investment vehicles

Diverse Investment Vehicles

  • Institutional separate accounts
  • Collective trusts
  • Mutual funds (open/closed end, on/offshore)
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Unit investment trusts (UITs)
  • Private placements
  • Subadvised
  • Separately managed accounts/unified managed accounts
  • Variable insurance funds
  • Customized solutions

The listed investment capabilities and vehicles are not available in all jurisdictions globally. Additionally, not all investors are eligible to invest in each investment vehicle. For more information, contact to your local Invesco office.