Invesco Emerging Markets Select Equity

A high active share portfolio targeting significant outperformance over a market cycle

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Why this strategy

This high active share portfolio seeks long-term capital growth through bottom-up, fundamentally driven investments in emerging market companies of all market capitalizations. We look for high-quality businesses, with strong management teams, trading at an attractive price.  

How we do it

Our team feels strongly that alpha generation is delivered by independent thought, and not by following the crowd. We have team members directly located in Hong Kong, which ensures we can visit companies, meet with management teams, and acquire on-the-ground knowledge far more effectively. The importance of independent in-depth research coupled with strong regional due diligence is a key advantage for our strategy in emerging markets, where transparency and corporate governance issues tend to be more prevalent.

Risk management is fully integrated into our process, and we ensure the diversity of our portfolio by using robust risk management tools to assess concentration and correlation risks that contribute to long-term returns. The final result is a strategy that targets significant outperformance over a full market cycle by making long-term investments in high-quality businesses and ignoring short-term volatility.

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