Beyond the Defaults

Beyond the Defaults

Together with our research partner Nest Insight, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of auto-enrolment in the UK to ask whether better uses of language can help overcome some of the barriers that stand in people’s way when they try to consider their savings choices.


Whether you’re a pensions professional, financial adviser or consultant, you’ll be aware of the importance of getting investors to engage meaningfully with their pension.

Since 2012, auto enrolment has been helping millions of people save for their future for first time, but with many remaining at default contribution levels, it’s time to address the barriers that are preventing 'Generation Default' from taking control.

Working with Nest Insight, we’ve undertaken rigorous research to uncover the language that will help change how scheme members think about their pension. We spoke to 8 industry experts, 33 everyday members and surveyed another 1,500 to unearth what's stopping people becoming more active at key points in their retirement saving journey, and how we can remove these barriers. The findings are now available in our report Beyond the Defaults.

The ‘Four Ps’ approach

In this report, our findings are summarised using a framework we call the ‘Four Ps’ – recommendations that communication with savers should be Positive, Plausible, Plain spoken and Personal:

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About our project partner

Established by the UK government as part of its auto enrolment initiative, Nest is one of the world’s fastest growing pension schemes with 8 million members and counting. Nest Insight is a collaborative research unit set up by Nest Corporation to help understand and address the challenges facing Nest members and other defined contribution savers. Working in partnership with industry, academics and policy makers around the globe, their mission is to understand and address the challenges facing defined contribution savers.

Launch webinar

Watch the replay of our launch webinar, to hear us discuss the findings of this research in more detail. With the help of our expert panel, including Matthew Blakstad, Analysis Director at Nest Insight, and Sally Bridgeland, Senior Adviser at Avida International, we showcased some of the most interesting points and considered what they mean for the pensions and advice industries.

Watch the webinar





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