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We believe that investing in research and using insights to advance and evolve is critical to meeting the long-term needs of our clients.

Our research includes perspectives from Invesco’s investment teams covering a myriad of topics across asset classes, regions and investment styles – and features collaborations with University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.

Our goal is to look beyond the obvious and present research that gives unique insights and practical applications to help you achieve your investment goals.

Investment research

For over 30 years, Invesco’s Risk & Reward magazine has provided original research for our clients - and underlines Invesco’s reputation for cutting-edge thought leadership.

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  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): in the context of Energy Transition and applying sophisticated methodology.
  • Low volatility and low carbon: Study assessing whether portfolio stability can be achieved without the need to invest in carbon-intensive utilities.
  • The role of fixed income ETFs at the height of the pandemic-related market stress in March 2020.

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  • Responsible Asset Allocation: A pioneering approach to multi asset investing
  • Machine learning: Building factors from unstructured data
  • How climate change is changing the US – and what it means for municipal bonds
  • Low volatility and ESG investing combined: Invesco’s holistic approach
  • Shifting the frontiers of factor investing

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  • Factor investing in China
  • Fixed income investing in times of low market yields
  • Real estate sector investing
  • The merits of estimating the covariance matrix
  • How to capture multi-asset class factor premia

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  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) – a truly digital approach to discovering innovative companies
  • factor investing, our time-tested method of investment selection and macro factors that factor investors can use to position their portfolios

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  • the risks and consequences of missing out on the most profitable stocks
  • debunking some common myths about ESG investing
  • real estate investing from a behavioural finance perspective
  • work from the Cambridge Consortium on Asset Management

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  •  Factor investing - the 30 year view

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  • a new perspective on risk
  • adding equity upside potential to fixed income portfolios
  • the China Position Study
  • four studies in factor investing

Global strategy studies

Discover what investors around the globe are thinking through our comprehensive annual studies.

Highlighting the results from interviews with financial professionals, the studies provide you with the key themes and insight into the direction of travel for investors.

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University of Cambridge collaboration

High-quality long-term research is essential in developing the knowledge and understanding that underpins best practice and innovation in the asset management industry.

By combining Invesco’s expertise with a world renowned academic centre of excellence, our clients will benefit from access to cutting edge insights.

We are proud to have established a collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School. Find out more.

Industry journals

Authored publications from Invesco professionals. Featuring expertise to support clients in portfolio management topics.

Multi-period portfolio selection

Time-series variation in factor premia