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Professional development

We’re focused on helping employees build dynamic careers at Invesco.

We understand that providing robust learning and development programs is key to retaining talent and driving performance so we can better serve our clients. We continue to focus on ensuring that Invesco is able to attract and bring in desired candidates by implementing programs and initiatives to develop and grow talent and making sure that all employees have clear paths to advance within the organization.

2022 highlights

  • 140+ training sessions offered
  • 735 participants in Mentorium program
  • 3,834 participants in the Learning Hub
  • 777 participants in Manage Your Career Like a Business program
In 2022, we continued to build a culture of continuous learning through the following programs:

After our successful pilot, we launched Manage Your Career Like a Business globally in 2022. This development program teaches employees how to use Career Intelligence® to take ownership of their careers with the support of their managers to increase their performance, development and satisfaction within their current role, as well as to identify ways to progress. We take a “know yourself, grow yourself, show yourself” approach—to help employees know what their career aspirations might be, grow their skills to get them there and then show up to exhibit behaviors and build networks that positively influence their career progression.

Invesco’s Learning Hub is an independent learning tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate and deliver relevant learning to employees, based on their individual roles and interests. The more an employee uses the system, the more the AI refines its recommended content. In 2022, Invesco employees used the Hub to access online courses, articles, books, supplemental material and podcasts. Invesco also launched a partnership with LinkedIn Learning to provide employees with additional bespoke, on-demand learning opportunities to develop current skills and build new capabilities. In addition to LinkedIn Learning, employees can access content from numerous partners, including Franklin Covey, Ted@Work, getAbstract, Intuition and others.

In 2022, we increased our focus on early career professionals—hiring an Early Career Program Manager with the goal of optimizing our retention and development of talent in the critical first two years of employment. We provide cross-functional early career resources, such as foundational training programs and early networking opportunities, to help retain entry-level professionals and turn them into long-term career professionals at Invesco.

In 2022, we completed our eighth cohort and onboarded our ninth cohort of i20/20 trainees in the U.K. i20/20 was founded as a social enterprise by senior investment management leaders in the U.K. in 2013, with a focus on creating a more diverse and inclusive investment industry. Invesco has been participating since 2014.

Our year-long development program focuses on supporting young adults that are beginning their career in the financial services industry. They work under contract as Invesco employees while completing personal and professional trainings and mentoring and networking programs. From our 2021–22 intake, eight out of 15 became permanent Invesco employees.

We expanded our internal, open-mentoring program, Mentorium, from EMEA into North America—with plans to make it a global program in 2023. Mentorium gathers mentor and mentee profile preferences and development objectives, creates mentoring matches based on alignment of these criteria and provides access to virtual workshops as well as online mentoring training and support resources.

In 2022, our BRGs also began to use Mentorium as a platform for mentorship to learn how to be a better mentor, create mentorship matches and establish peer mentoring within the groups.

We offer a Next Generation Leaders Program that puts a special lens on high-potential, diverse employees from teams in North America and APAC. This program allows participants to engage with Invesco experts on how business units work while focusing on executive presence/ presenting skills, coaching and 360 degree performance feedback from a leadership aspect. In 2022, North America had one cohort with 18 participants.

In 2022, we brought back our Women in Leadership program—a two-month, nomination-based program consisting of a three-day residential session, self-study and two virtual workshops. Fifty-four participants gathered to receive coaching and support to enhance their ability to contribute as Invesco’s business leaders, understand their unique strengths, learn negotiation skills critical to their career success and build a stronger network with their global colleagues.

In 2022, we launched a new program where leaders, employees and BRGs across the firm share their recommended reading. This has proven to be an engaging way for employees to get a snapshot of our company culture. It includes books that inspire growth and continued development in professional and leadership behaviors, well-being and technical expertise. The series has had over 2,820 page views.

Launched in 2022, Invested Development is a monthly learning and development (L&D) newsletter promoting our regional and global resources, offerings and initiatives. This newsletter shares tips, relevant resources, reminders on upcoming events and promotions of educational offerings, along with highlights from recent L&D events. Open enrollment workshops are marketed in the newsletter to provide continual and consistent communication across Invesco’s global community.

Invesco offers tuition and certification reimbursement for employees who pursue external education to improve their knowledge in job-related subject matters. This benefit includes industry and professional accreditations, as well as college-level classes taken at nationally recognized, accredited institutions. In 2022, 134 Invesco employees in eight countries received tuition reimbursements.

Instead of traditional annual year-end performance reviews, Invesco promotes streamlined, quarterly check-ins between employees and managers to enhance listening and provide a greater opportunity to share feedback and update performance and development goals. Our quarterly check-in process was successfully rolled out in 2020 during the pandemic and has proven invaluable as active listening, ongoing feedback and agile goal setting become even more essential among employees working remotely or in a hybrid environment. This success can be seen in our quarterly metrics— reporting more than 75 percent of employees and managers submitting their quarterly summaries upon completion of their quarterly conversations and 91 percent of the firm submitting goals.

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