Our CR Program

Our corporate responsibility program

We believe strong corporate responsibility (CR) is critical to charting a path to a sustainable and successful future, and one that helps us achieve greater possibilities for our employees, communities, shareholders and clients.

As a responsible investment firm, CR permeates our culture. Trust is built with our clients and stakeholders through our actions, so we act with integrity and consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our decision-making.

Our CR program prioritizes:

  • Our people: supporting the mental and physical health of our employees, building skills for the future of work and fostering a diverse, inclusive and empowered workforce
  • Our communities: supporting the local communities in which we live and work
  • Our clients: providing a broad range of ESG capabilities aligned to client interests and investment objectives
  • Our planet: being good stewards of the world we live in

We have a strong foundation of sustainable programs that support our company’s corporate responsibility efforts, but we recognize that CR is a journey and there is always more we can do. Invesco is devoted to continuously improving our corporate responsibility program and ESG investment stewardship, while fostering greater transparency of this work.

Our corporate responsibility pillars

Invesco’s CR program works toward progress in three main areas:

Diverse & inclusive culture

Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture 

Our actions create an environment where diversity can thrive. Our broad definition of diversity promotes employee well-being and inclusion across our organization. 

Focus areas: 

  • Corporate giving and volunteerism 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Employee engagement and sense of belonging 
  • Fair labor practices
  • Fostering psychological safety
  • Training and professional development

ESG investments

Offering a comprehensive range of ESG capabilities

Our focus is on integrating financially material ESG considerations into our investment processes. Our actions underscore our dedication to understanding the unique investment philosophies of our clients and confirming that our investments support their objectives. 

Focus areas:

  • Active ownership/engagement 
  • Climate risk 
  • ESG insights in our investment decision-making 
  • Proxy voting 
  • Sustainable investment products 
  • Systemic risk management 
  • Transparent information and fair advice for customers

Sustainable operations and governance

Sustainable operations and strong governance 

We govern ourselves in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner. We conduct our operations in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment while striving to protect and enhance results for our stakeholders. 

Focus areas: 

  • Board diversity 
  • Business ethics and professional integrity 
  • Corporate governance and risk management 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Data privacy and protection 
  • Environmental stewardship 
  • Financial performance 
  • Human rights 
  • Legal and regulatory compliance 
  • Public policy involvement 
  • Responsible sourcing and procurement 
  • Transparency and disclosure

CR governance

We govern our CR efforts through the Invesco Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC). The CRC is composed of members of the executive leadership team, including members of the Invesco Board. The committee drives the strategy, oversight and governance of our internal programs and operations. 

The CRC advises Invesco’s investment and corporate stewardship leaders on core ESG and CR topics, participation in industry advocacy and policy efforts, and charitable and community organizations to enhance our impact in sustainable global efforts. Local and global management teams, including regional managing directors, report to the CRC on matters related to ESG and CR.

 people working in corporate office

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The Global Investment Council (GIC), made up of chief investment oficers and managing directors from Invesco’s global investment centers and asset classes, is co-chaired by Invesco’s CEO, Marty Flanagan, and Head of Investment Senior Managing Director, Greg McGreevey. The GIC provides oversight to our specialized investment teams and offers a balance of global expertise, support and connectivity. In this way, it helps provide better outcomes for clients with greater consistency over the long term. The GIC ESG Sub-Committee focuses on ESG investment topics, including climate change.