Establishing our CR priorities

Materiality assessments and stakeholder engagement help us identify and prioritize the issues across our value chain that matter most to our business and stakeholders. In 2020, Invesco completed a comprehensive sustainability materiality assessment to update our priority sustainability issues and understand our impacts. We plan to refresh our assessment in 2023. Our assessment used the following methodology:

Engaging our stakeholders

We regularly engage our key stakeholders to better understand the issues that matter most to them and our business, and we leverage their insights to advance our CR efforts. 

As a publicly-traded company whose success depends on helping clients achieve their financial objectives, we have long defined shareholders, clients and employees as our key stakeholders. However, our stakeholders expand beyond this list to also include regulators, industry organizations, community organizations and charities, investment analysts, business partners and local communities.

Here’s a snapshot of our stakeholders, their areas of interest and some of the ways we actively engage with them:

Stakeholder Group  Key Interests How we Engage
  • Invesco Cares community involvement activities 
  • Competitive wages and benefits 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Health and well-being 
  • Training and career development 
  • Pay equity 
  • Safety
  • Financial giving programs 
  • Pulse surveys 
  • Quarterly performance check-ins 
  • Business Resource Groups 
  • Health and wellness programs 
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Responsible investing 
  • Human capital management
  • Climate and energy
  • Business review meetings 
  • Industry conferences 
  • Participation in conferences and forums 
  • Meetings as requested 
  • Regular calls and in-person meetings
  • Climate risk
  • Corporate governance
  • Environmental and social impacts
  • Executive compensation
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions
  • Human capital management
  • Annual meeting of shareholders
  • Meetings as requested
  • Participation in conferences and forums
  • Quarterly earnings conference calls
  • Regular calls and in-person meetings
  • Data security and privacy
  • Economic impacts
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Health and safety 
  • Receive security advisories of threats impacting our sector
  • Meet with regulators on trends
  • Provide feedback on regulations under consideration
  • Maintain lists of regulations and their requirements
NGOs and Community Organizations
  • Climate and energy
  • Community engagement and philanthropy
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Environmental and social impacts 
  • Community dialogues
  • Interactions through community partnerships and volunteerism
  • Participation in conferences and forums
  • Partnerships to advance shared priorities
  • Philanthropic investments