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Market & Investing Dynamics

Five key investment themes

We believe there are 5 investment themes currently being allocated to within defined benefit pension plans, each of which contain unique investment challenges.


Capital Preservation and De-Risking

Limit market exposure through allocations to liability aware strategies.

    Investment Challenges:

  • Transitioning to liability-driven investing

Growth and Re-risking

Generate high-levels of returns with equal parts risk. Growth can be both liquid and illiquid.

    Investment Challenges:

  • Generating risk-adjusted alpha
  • Generating alpha with small cap equities
  • Diversifying with international equities
  • Capture the full potential of emerging markets

Income Generation

Alternative income strategies to meet the demand of projected pension obligations.


  • Meeting portfolio income targets
  • Generating income through direct real estate

Interest Rates and Inflation Protection

Protecting assets against sudden or trending market shifts.

    Investment Challenges:

  • Utilizing commodities to hedge long-term inflation
  • Reducing portfolio duration
  • Protecting with listed real estate

Return Enhancement and Risk Management

Increasing risk-adjusted returns and lowering realized volatility. Can be either a core or opportunistic allocation.

    Investment Challenges:

  • Increasing fixed income return potential
  • Reducing equity volatility
  • How uncorrelated assets reduce volatility
  • How to harness genuine diversification

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