Asset management for defined benefit plans
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Defined benefit plans

Helping you put analytics into practice and empowering investment decision-making with institutional-caliber expertise.

Your consultative partner for a complex world

Whether your plan has an active defined benefit (DB) offering or is in a state of transition, our scalable approach provides a clearer line of sight into your portfolio.

Better understand portfolio risks and trade-offs

Invesco Vision identifies potential solutions best aligned with your plan’s specific preferences and objectives. Evaluate how each allocation may respond to various shocks so you can stress-test your portfolio before the market does.

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Capabilities designed around your needs

DB plans face multiple challenges, from market volatility, risk and disruption, to aging demographics. We help you address these forces and optimize your plan outcomes through our broad suite of capabilities.

Real estate

Our reputation as an exceptional partner is built on decades of doing things the right way and delivering enhanced deal flow and a premier experience for our clients.

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Fixed income

Delivering the breadth of a global fixed income platform with the agility to pursue alpha with conviction and customization.

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Private credit

We leverage a consistent, conservative fundamental credit process to pursue opportunities across broadly syndicated loans, direct lending, and distressed debt and special situations.

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Custom portfolio analysis

We combine an outcomes-based focus with tailored investment solutions to deliver custom portfolios and analysis.

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Dynamic multifactor

Dynamic factor allocations seek to achieve better results by anticipating changes in the business cycle.

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  • Asset allocation
    Asset allocation

    Tactical Asset Allocation: June update

    By Alessio de Longis

    Improving leading indicators are signaling the potential for broadening participation in the recovery, further upside for risky assets, and outperformance in non-US equities.

    June 8, 2024
  • Private credit
    Private credit

    Private credit: A case for senior loans

    By Kevin Petrovcik, Taylor Watts, Derek Fin, Ben Maran

    Here’s three reasons why we believe now may be a compelling entry point and opportunity for long-term investors in private credit and senior secured bank loans.

    May 16, 2024
  • Real Estate
    Real Estate

    Opportunity or caution? The outlook for European and Asian real estate

    By Kevin Grundy, Jason Choi

    The Invesco Real Estate team discusses disruption and volatility in European and Asian real estate markets, which are creating unique investment opportunities.

    April 30, 2024
  • Real estate
    Real estate

    How global demographics drive global real estate opportunities

    By Michael Sobolik

    Global demographic shifts, like a declining, growing, or an aging population, in tandem with macroeconomic factors tend to generate real estate investment opportunities.

    April 23, 2024
  • Alternatives

    Alternative opportunities: Outlook update for private credit, private equity and real assets

    By Invesco Solutions

    Alternative Opportunities is a quarterly report from Invesco Solutions. Each edition looks at the asset outlook for private credit, private equity, real estate, and real assets.

    April 22, 2024
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