Go paperless with eDelivery

Why will you be pleased with paperless?

Switching to Invesco's eDelivery service is a no-brainer in today's e-driven world. It's all about making things easy for you and a few other "'s."

  • easyasy — Download, save and print files on your computer.
  • economicalconomical — Help reduce printing and delivery costs, which adds to your fund's returns.
  • efficientfficient — Get immediate access to your fund's documents without having to wait on snail mail.
  • environmentalnvironmentally friendly — eDelivery ultimately helps save trees by reducing paper use.

What does eDelivery bring to your inbox?

  • Quarterly statements
  • Tax forms
  • Daily confirmations
  • Fund reports and prospectuses
  • The Intentional Investor, Invesco's quarterly newsletter (opt in to "News and Updates" when you sign up for eDelivery)

Follow these easy steps to sign up for eDelivery:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Under Quick Links, select Register for eDelivery.
  3. Complete the consent process.

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