Portfolio managers discuss contrarian views and emerging opportunities

Portfolio Managers Perspectives

Governments around the world continue to propose new ideas to soften the economic blow of the coronavirus and put people back to work. In this week’s Portfolio Manager Perspective, Kristina Hooper, Chief Global Market Strategist shares her discussions with Invesco managers on the latest in a long list of government pandemic-response initiatives. In this piece, Invesco Fixed Income takes a closer look at a program scheduled to launch in the US on June 17 — the 2020 Term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) — and how it’s already impacting the structured debt market. We hear from a global equities manager who’s taking a long-term, perhaps contrarian view, as well as a US value equity manager who sees positive signs emerging in several sectors.

Insights on Structured debt: TALF financing expected to provide stability are heard from:

  • Glenn Bowling, Senior Analyst and Head of Asset-Backed Securities Credit, Invesco Fixed Income
  • Kevin Collins, Head of Commercial Credit, Invesco Fixed Income

Global equities: Long-term investing can look like contrarian investing from:

  • John Delano, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

And finally, US value stocks: Positive signs are emerging in several sectors from:

  • Kevin Holt, Chief Investment Officer, US Value Equities, and Senior Portfolio Manager

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