ETF Capital Markets

The Invesco ETF Capital Markets team serves as the central point of contact for both primary and secondary market ETF activity for Invesco, by offering:

Liquidity and execution services

Assistance to financial advisors and institutional clients in the ETF trading process:

  • Assessing potential liquidity
  • Developing a tailored trading strategy
  • Valuating the potential impact of trades
  • Liquidity case studies

Market maker and AP relations

Partnership with market making firms, authorized participants (APs) and other sell-side firms:

  • Ensuring they effectively make markets in Invesco products
  • Monitoring secondary market activity

Research and content

Access to our research including:

  • Actionable market commentary
  • Weekly/monthly reports

If you're an AP or market maker, log in to our Capital Markets portal to explore/download basket details and view/subscribe to our reports:

  • Capital Market alerts
  • Most recent NAV file
  • Monthly securities lending report
  • Weekly options reports
  • Dividend calendar
  • Create and redeem details file
  • Fixed income creation/redemption schedules
  • Distribution rates report
  • Excluded assets file
  • Weekly trading reports
  • Monthly spreads and impact reports
  • Rebalance calendar
  • ETFs by trust listing

If you're not an AP or market maker, learn more about Invesco according to your role: