Let's Scale the Ladder

A bond ladder is a time-tested strategy for building a fixed income portfolio.

Bond Laddering - a Simple Strategy Designed to Benefit Many Fixed Income Investors

Potential Benefits of Bond Laddering

Interest Rate Risk

Bond ladders can help mitigate the impact of rising rates by allowing the reinvestment of periodic bond maturities at current interest rates.

Concentration Risk

Bond ladders by definition hold a number of different issues. This helps create diversification, both in the portfolio and the potential for income.


Because bond ladders by definition hold different maturities, this strategy may help investors with financial planning for future life events.


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BulletShares<sup>&reg;</sup> in a Changing Rate Environment

BulletShares® in a Changing Rate Environment

Does the share creation/redeption process affect the total return of BulletShares?

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Take a Step Up

Take a Step Up

BulletShares ETFs can help investors build a diversified bond ladder using investment grade, high yield or emerging market bonds easily and cost-effectively.

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How BulletShares Mature

How BulletShares Mature

BulletShares ETFs hold bonds expected to mature or be called in a given year. Proceeds are systematically invested into T-Bills until all bonds are liquidated.

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What is
Bond Laddering

A laddered strategy provides continuous bond exposure through multiple maturities. As holdings mature, the proceeds are reinvested into longer duration assets.

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