Settlement Times

To better meet the need of its institutional customers, Invesco has same-day settlement times as late as 5 p.m. ET for some funds, and very reasonable same-day settlement times for the others.

So, if you need more time to meet daily obligations, keep in mind Invesco's institutional money market funds.

Fund Same-Day Settlement Time1
Liquid Assets Portfolio 5 p.m. ET
STIC Prime Portfolio 5 p.m. ET
Premier Portfolio 5 p.m. ET
Treasury Portfolio 5 p.m. ET
Government & Agency Portfolio 5 p.m. ET
Government TaxAdvantage Portfolio 3 p.m. ET
Premier U.S. Government Money Portfolio 5 p.m. ET
Tax-Free Cash Reserve Portfolio 12:30 p.m. ET (redemption)
3 p.m. ET (purchases)
Premier Tax-Exempt Portfolio 4 p.m. ET

1 Actual closing times (i.e. final NAV determination) are 30 minutes after same-day settlement times. Purchase orders received 30 minutes after same-day settlement times and prior to the closing times may be rejected. Redemption orders received during this time may not receive same-day settlement.