A Disciplined Investment Approach

Across our 30-year history, we have developed a reputation of judicious and conservative liquidity management. We embrace that. We are prudent, intentional and deliberate in our investment choices.

Two teams work independently in pursuing a single focus

Two separate teams — portfolio management and credit research — working together to ensure that portfolios are managed for safety and liquidity, while seeking to deliver a competitive yield.

  • Dedicated research team subjects issuers to rigorous, continuous credit review.
  • Active portfolio management seeks to protect against adverse market conditions to mitigate risks to stability of the net asset value (NAV).
  • Through a range of economic conditions, we have provided solid competitive performance.
  • Portfolios are priced competitively, allowing for more selective portfolio construction while seeking to deliver a competitive yield.
  • Continuous assessment of the impact of economic and market events on liquidity.
  • Using multiple liquidity parameters, select securities that allow us to best meet potential liquidity needs.

Two teams, one disciplined approach1

Two teams, one disciplined approach

1 For illustrative purposes only. Diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risk of loss.