Senior Secured Loans

Attractive income potential, defensive attributes and more

Investment Objective:

To provide a high level of current income, diversification benefits and defensive attributes in a rising rate environment and outperform the Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan Index 50 bps per annum over a five-year period.

Key Features:

  • Experienced team dedicated to the asset category
  • One of the largest institutional bank loan platforms
  • Active risk positioning to accommodate changing credit cycles
  • Strong relationships and scale to achieve greater market access

Investment Strategy:

Senior secured loans can provide both long-term strategic and tactical investment opportunities. The investment team applies a disciplined, consistent approach to managing these holdings combining fundamental, bottom-up individual issue research and internal risk ratings with top-down macro risk positioning based on broader economic trends. This time-tested investment process has added historical value over full market cycles.

Invesco offers a range of senior secured loan portfolios that seek to help investors capture high current income potential across credit and interest rate cycles, while broadening fixed income diversification and providing defensive attributes in rising interest rate climates.