Invesco Mid Cap Core SMA

At a glance


Seeks long-term growth of capital


Companies generally in the market-cap range of the Russell Midcap Index

  • Focuses on companies with above-average growth prospects, managed by good stewards of capital and trading at attractive valuations
  • Strives to provide solid upside participation with better downside protection
  • Utilizes a valuation driven discipline


We believe attractively valued companies managed by good stewards of capital may outperform the market over the long term. We seek to achieve our core investment goals by identifying growth-value anomalies. We seek good businesses with high or increasing returns on capital that have strong future growth prospects and are temporarily mispriced.


Our research-driven process seeks to achieve our core investment goals by identifying "growth-value anomalies" — companies with strong prospects to grow shareholder value that are managed by good stewards of capital and trade at attractive valuations.

We seek:

  • To maintain a long-term, full-market-cycle perspective.
  • To emphasize companies with attractive returns on invested capital and free cash flow generation.
  • To utilize a valuation driven discipline.
  • A disciplined approach to risk management.

Step 1:
  • Screen across sectors, geography and size
Step 2:


  • Return on invested capital
  • Management action
  • Capital allocation
  • Free cash flow


  • Competitive advantages
  • Industry challenges
  • Business risks
  • Scenario analysis

Step 3:
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Traditional multiples
  • Net asset value
Step 4:
  • Guard against permanent loss of capital
  • Focus on risk/reward profile