Invesco Growth and Income SMA

Invesco Invesco Growth and Income SMA

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At a glance


Seeks total return through growth of capital and current income


Large-cap stocks with a market cap greater than $5 billion

  • Management team has a combined 88 years industry experience
  • Sector specialists
  • Fundamental, bottom-up stock pickers


We call our investment philosophy "value with a catalyst." We believe that longer-term investors can take advantage of pricing anomalies in financial markets by purchasing stocks of companies that are currently under-priced. We believe that large, well established, undervalued companies that are experiencing a positive change — or catalyst—may have the potential to provide long-term growth of capital and income.

In short, we seek companies that are:

  • Undervalued
  • Under-earning relative to their potential
  • Out of favor with investors
  • Experiencing a positive catalyst


Our disciplined investment process identifies attractive securities through multifactor screening and thorough, hands-on fundamental analysis.

Step 1: Large cap universe

Start with 1,000+ large cap stocks

  • Screen for liquidity for market cap > $5 Billion
Step 2: Selection
  • Undervalued
  • Under-earning
  • Unloved
  • Positive catalyst
Step 3: Construction

Sector level

  • +/- 10% sector vs benchmark

Stock level

  • Max 5% position at cost
  • Max 25% foreign


  • Target 3–5% Final portfolio of 40–60 high-quality stocks