DST Vision

DST Vision is an interactive Web site that allows financial intermediaries such as Broker/Dealers and financial advisors to view fund, shareowner account, and dealer information. Information such as shareowner positions, account options, transaction histories, fund pricing and yields, and hypothetical back-end redemption charge calculations are some of the features available through Vision. Through DST Vision, you can access not only your Invesco client accounts, but client accounts held at other firms.

Learn more about what DST Vision has to offer by viewing the DST Vision Demo videos and DST Vision FAQs.

Access Your Client Accounts

DST Vision

DST Vision Demo

DST Vision Navigator
Take a tour of DST Vision and see what DST Vision has to offer to make managing your clients’ accounts easier.

myPLANnetwork Demo
MyPLANnetwork is accessed through DST Vision and provides information on your employer sponsored plan, such as 401(k), 403(b), or SIMPLE IRAs held through Invesco.

See what information is available in myPLANnetwork by viewing the demo.

The information available through this section is provided by DST Systems, Inc., which is not affiliated with Invesco Group Services, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries (collectively, "Invesco"). Invesco Investment Services, Inc. is the transfer agent for the Invesco Funds. Any securities mentioned with any articles are not recommendations of Invesco. Invesco does not guarantee that the information supplied is accurate, complete or timely, or make any warranties with regard to the results obtained from its use. Questions regarding information contained in this section should be directed to Vision/DST Systems, Inc.

You may review the list by clicking on Participating Companies either from the log in page for DST Vision or from the Quick Links once you have logged in. We continually update this list, so check back regularly to see which new companies are available.

The Vision Web site requires the use of a browser that supports 128-bit encryption. Encryption is a sophisticated scrambling method designed to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping on electronic data. More information about security can be found of Vision.

There are no charges to the Vision customer associated with Vision access; the fund families incur all costs for your access.

Access DST vision and complete the new registration process. You will need the following information to register:

  • Your Service Level Selection (See “What level of security should I enroll in?” for more information.)
  • Your broker-dealer
  • Your profile information (including your branch number and representative number)
  • List of management companies you wish to access. Note: You will need your branch ID and rep ID as listed with each of the firms you select.
  • Sample account number or plan ID for each firm

Note: The process to get access to DST Vision can take up to 10 days.

Important: If you have multiple rep numbers, you will need to provide your information and a sample account number affiliated with each rep number.

Provides access to individual accounts for which you are the representative of record. Each representative must complete his or her own enrollment. Certain across management company aggregation and portfolio management tools are only available at this level.

Provides access to all accounts assigned to your branch office. Branch level is appropriate for branch managers. Certain across management company aggregation and portfolio management tools are only available at the Representative level. If the goal is to view your personal book of business, we recommend enrolling at the Representative level.

Provides access to all accounts assigned to your Broker/Dealer firm. Dealer level is appropriate for Broker/Dealer home offices.

Tax ID
Provides access to accounts grouped under a single tax identification number. Tax ID access may be appropriate for trust companies and banking institutions. Tax ID access is not available at the shareowner Social Security level.

Provides access to all accounts grouped under a single trust identification number. Trust level is appropriate for banks or state-regulated trust company that establishes or holds trust accounts. This level allows limited functionality.

Provides access to all accounts grouped under a single Third Party Administrator (TPA) identification number. TPA level is appropriate for an outside individual or company contracted by a plan administrator to handle all or a portion of the duties assigned to the plan administrator. TPA access is not available for market timers. This level allows limited functionality.

Important: This FAQ provides general guidelines and features of Vision. Your access level determines what options are available to you.

Vision requires only one valid account number for each mutual fund/alternative investment/program manager or one valid contract number for each annuity for which you are requesting access. This is used to verify security for your ID.

Upon receipt of your enrollment form, Vision Support will forward your request to the selected mutual fund, annuity, alternative investment, or program manager families. They will verify the information you provided and, if approved, establish security. Vision Support will notify you as soon as the first mutual fund, annuity, alternative investment, or program manager family is authorized. As additional authorizations are received, you will be notified by e-mail of the status of your enrollment requests. Please allow up to ten (10) days to receive authorization.

From the "Administrative" menu in the upper right-hand section of the page, choose "Review Current Access". All management companies associated with the Vision ID will display.

Sign in to Vision using your Vision ID and password. Once on the Main Menu, place your cursor on the "Administrative" link in the upper right-hand section of the page. Choose the "Add/Update Access" link from the drop-down list and complete the "Add/Update Access Request Form". Complete the Selection screens for the types of products you wish to access; i.e. Mutual Fund Selection. You will need a sample account number or plan ID and your representative information for each firm you are adding.

From the "Administrative" menu in the upper right-hand section of the page, choose "Add/Update Access". After verifying your profile information, choose the management company you wish to request. When filling out these criteria, use the additional rep number and a corresponding sample client account number. Keep in mind that you will need to request each management company one time for each rep number.

A: Complete the normal paperwork process to complete a change (e.g., Financial Advisor Change Form or Block Transfer Form). Once that request is complete, update your new DBR information in Vision through the Administrative option at the top of the personal home page and select "Change Broker/Dealer." Allow up to ten (10) days to update your access. Brokers can only view one rep code at a time, unless they have added additional codes (e.g., individual and split rep codes).

Sign in to Vision using your Vision ID and password. Click on the "Administrative" link in the upper right-hand section of the page. Choose the "Change Password" link from the drop-down list and complete the Change Password form.

You will not be able to see accounts in Vision if the dealer/branch/rep numbers on your accounts differ from what you are approved to view in Vision. If you have changed broker dealers, or if you operate under multiple representative numbers your ability to see all your accounts may be impacted.

If your Broker/Dealer has changed, please use the Financial Advisor Change Form to update your profile. If you write business with more than one representative number, you will need to request access to each individual rep number for each management company affected. We will contact the management company to make sure that the security change on your Vision ID matches that on your accounts. Please allow up to ten (10) days to update your access.

If your Vision ID has been disabled, click on the, "Trouble Logging In?" link next to the password field on the sign-in page. You will then be prompted to type either your Vision ID or email address. An email is then sent from DSTVision@DSTSystems.com with a link to reset your ID/Password. Answer the prompts for two previously established personal security questions to complete the reset process.

Access DSTVision.com and click on the hyperlink "Trouble Signing In?" and follow the prompts.

Sign on to Vision using your Vision ID and password. Once on the Main Menu, Click the "Administrative" link in the upper right-hand section of the page. Choose the "Add/Update Access" link from the drop-down list and complete the Add/Update Access Request Form. You will need your branch and representative number along with a sample Invesco account number or plan ID.

Once logged into DST Vision, click on the “Administrative” link at the top right and choose Review Current Access to confirm you have requested access to Invesco client information. If Invesco is listed, confirm your dealer, branch, and rep information has not changed with Invesco. If you have recently updated the information on your Invesco accounts, you will need to update your access information on DST Vision. If you have not recently updated your information, contact Invesco Client Services 1-800-959-4246 for more assistance. 

Click on the "myPLANnetwork" link from the main toolbar. You can search for a specific plan or a specific participant. For a specific plan, you can view total assets, assets broken down by vehicle and participant summaries including: vehicles, values, YTD contributions, loan information, allocation, transaction history, and statements. If you want to see your entire book of business, use Vision rather than myPLANnetwork.

myPLANnetwork gives Financial Advisors and TPAs a single portal to manage multiple provider relationships. Because myPLANnetwork is powered by TRAC®, DST's Retirement Solutions recordkeeping platform, TPAs have access to industry-leading administration tools and to some of the foremost plan providers in the business. This includes more than 51,000 plans and 1.9 million participants already administered by TPAs.

The Vision Navigator (Demo) under Quick Links provides a demo of the Vision site. For more information regarding features/functionality of Vision and myPLANnetwork, please refer to the table below.

VISION myPLANnetwork
Features Allowed Not allowed Allowed Not allowed Description
Client Search X X In Vision, account information can be accessed by using the client's last name, Social Security number or broker identification number (BIN). Account number is available.

In myPLANnetwork, search options include: Plan Name, Plan ID, Plan Sponsor, Participant Last Name, Social Security number, and Last Name.
Change - Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Banking information, Beneficiary, Dividend and Capital Gain Option, Letter of Intent, Rights of Accumulation and Certificate Activity X X The information may be viewed; however, the information cannot be changed.
View Matrix Level 3 Accounts X X If the DBR information matches our records, it will be available to you in Vision.
New Account Setup X X This option is not available.
Update Cost Basis Method
View Cost Basis Details
X X The cost basis details for past trades may be viewed if available, and the cost basis method for future trades may be updated.

Note: For retirement plans, cost basis reporting is not required or tracked.
Future Allocations X X The information cannot be viewed or updated in the system.
Add/Maintain a Systematic Agreement X X Add, change or delete an account's systematic investment, systematic redemption or systematic exchange privilege. This is subject to the company's policies. For example, Invesco would not allow brokers to set up a systematic redemption to a bank that was not already on the account.
View Maintenance History X X Maintenance information can be viewed at the account level.
View Recent Transactions X X Transaction history shows all available transaction history.
Pending Trades X X If any trades are pending, you will be able to view the trade information.
Account Value by Date X X This provides the value as of a specific date.
Update DBR at Invesco
Update DBR access thru Vision
X X Important: This is an update to Vision access and does not change the information at Invesco.

Representatives may update their DBR through Vision once Invesco has received the request and processed the update.
Process Purchases and
X X This feature allows you to make a purchase (if bank instructions are on the account), or redeem from shareholders' accounts.*

*Some dealers restrict certain transaction types; please check with your firm.

Important: Retirement accounts cannot be redeemed through Vision.
Exchanges X X This feature allows brokers to do single fund exchanges within shareholder accounts. This does not include reallocations. *

*Some dealers restrict certain transaction types; please check with your firm.
Back-End Sales Charge Calculator X X Contingent deferred sales charges (CDSC) can be estimated as the previous business close.
Hypothetical Calculator (Cost Basis Gain/Loss Calculator) X X Vision allows for hypothetical CDSC and cost basis calculations as of the previous night's close.

Note: For retirement plans, cost basis reporting is not required or tracked.
RMD Calculator X X The system does not provide an RMD amount, but Vision allows for personalized data to be entered and calculated.
Download Statements
View Statements
X X Access standard, printable shareholder statements online. Invesco does not print quarterly or year-end statements for financial advisors.
View Tax Information X X View tax form information.
Fund Details X X Fund details (NAV, dividends and capital gains, etc.)
View Morningstar Reports X X Morningstar only rates fund once they have been existence for at least three years.
Establish Alerts X X Receive e-mail notification of Quarterly Statements or Transactions in clients’ accounts.
Reports X X Several types of reports are available: Book of Business, Client Retirement and Account Level Retirement Activity.
Vision Voice X X Vision Voice was decommissioned in February 2019 due to low volume.

Note: When establishing Vision, financial advisors will receive a corresponding Vision Voice ID and a PIN but the Voice option is no longer available.
Loan Information X X View participant loan information.